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Lean Designs creates all sorts of custom designs for folks in
different industries. Take a peek at some of our latest
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About Lean

Who started Lean?

Lean Designs was started by me Jamie Curran (pictured).


Having spent from 17 years old to now in my late 20’s being involved in starting businesses, working at startups and managing graphic design and illustration clients over the years, I started to notice consistent themes when it came to companies trying to run their marketing
processes. The main problem was constant need for graphic design and content to carry out the essential’s of a marketing campaign. Items like hero images for marketing emails, design for social content, design for case studies and white papers. Companies either had to hire a full
time designer (which was extremely costly, especially for a startup) or they could hire an agency to help support their design efforts. Often going dow the agency route meant getting involved in long term strategy and thinking without any execution which again was very frustrating for startups who need to create marketing  strategies and execute quickly.

How does lean Work?

Lean Designs is is a subscription based graphic design model, you select a package that best suits the rate and quantity of design you require on a typical month, then you can make requests throughout each month with unlimited revisions to ensure you are 100% satisfied with every design. None of the design work is outsourced to freelancers or agencies, this means you can rely on high quality on-brand design content consistently. You are managed directly on a 1-1 basis and have instant communication channels.

What types of companies
use Lean?

Typically we work with companies under 50 employees, although can support larger companies, but usually larger companies have contracts in place with marketing agencies who would manage their design work. Smaller companies typically can’t afford Marketing agencies large retainer fees which is why Lean Designs is a great solution. Companies who are really trying to ramp up their marketing efforts across multiple channels get the most value from Lean as we can quickly execute and supply design content consistently for email marketing, social channels and longer forms of content like case studies and white papers.

Creative Process

Lean is heavily creatively lead to ensure creativity for your brand and content that is  both professional  and engaging for your audience. Having spent from childhood illustrating, a lot of works starts off on paper with sketching and wireframes to ensure I am happy with where the design is going. I lean on my illustration experience heavily when thinking through design problems and it means when I am ready fire up my design software (I use Adobe Illustrator and Figma mainly) I have a really good idea of where I want to take the design.I’ve shared a video below of my illustration process.

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